Seize 2021 – Positioning Your Business for Exponential Growth

21. February 2021 Uncategorized 0
Seize 2021 – Positioning Your Business for Exponential Growth

A new year presents 365 or 366 opportunities for expansion and growth for forward thinking business owners and more so after such a revealing past year. There is no better time to take measured risks and seizing the opportunities that are available than now so how do you plug in? The truth to effectively managing and ‘smashing’ your business goals is to stop looking at time as a limiting factor, rather understand the real hindrance to achieving those goals are established attitudes, culture, habits and attitude to change. Change is a very key element in growth especially exponential growth and so your posture towards it matters.


So how do you position to seize 365 opportunities?


To be successful in today’s marketplace, regardless of the aspirations for your business growth, a business leader needs to understand the forces and trends that will drive business growth and how to handle the changes associated with that growth. With this understanding, check out three major areas to ensure the right posturing for exponential growth;


Invest in having the right people: your people matter! this cannot be overemphasized enough. Your workforce are the drivers of all what you want to achieve so you cannot let them become obsolete before your eyes. You need to encourage continuous learning and leverage on the access to a global workforce to get the best of the best, creativity and innovation and a mixture of culture, training, experience and skills to get a strong team of highly skilled employees will improve your posturing for exponential growth. It is not enough to have the right people, you also need to have a solid engagement plan on communicating the strategic goals and direction that the business is built so they can effectively run with it.


Embrace Experimentation: another aspect that will help your posturing for exponential growth is assessing your risk appetite. Your business must experiment in a controlled fashion to create new ideas, launch new products and services or enter new markets. This is all about taking controlled risks to shoot the organization forward. It is salient to note that having a solid management system in place will provide the strong corporate governance that needs to be in place to take such controlled risks and an ISO management system is a globally recognized one.


Adopt technology driven solutions or alternatives: this cannot be overemphasized especially in this industry 4.0 era. Social media is still one of the most important tools that you have at your disposal as a business owner, as most discovery of new brands happen on public social media feeds and more and more annual budget on social media ads are increasing every year and expected to hit over $50 billion this year according to Forbes. There are several digital solutions to make that process or services better and faster, find it and strategically deploy it.


In conclusion, businesses with the right strategy, people, technology solutions, capital, are well prepared to Carpe Diem as the clock really is ticking and there is no time to delay! For more information on how to position your company for growth, especially with management system standard implementation, please contact us today.!



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