Survey Report On the Awareness of Covid-19 In Nigeria and Its Effects

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Survey Report On the Awareness of Covid-19 In Nigeria and Its Effects

Tenol Alpha Surveys recently carried out different surveys to gauge the perception of Nigerians about the covid-19 global pandemic and we got really interesting insights. The survey was divided into 4 key areas which includes;

  1. Background information around the respondents
  2. The government’s response to the pandemic and effect on lifestyle
  3. The organization’s response to COVID-19
  4. The effect on learning behavior

On the Background information of respondents, 100% are Nigerians from different parts of the country, with 69% working in the private sector, 13% government employees, 8% freelance workers, while 10% are self-employed. 63% of the total respondents are married with 39% single respondent and 1% claim to be widow/widower. There is a general agreement of the presence of covid-19 in Nigeria from 94.32% respondents while 5.68% are aware but do not agree with the reported figures.

The images below further show how the pandemic has affected our lifestyle with the need to imbibe more hygienic practices, their thoughts about religious gatherings and a rating of government’s response to the pandemic.

Now, due to the pandemic, 70% of the respondents say they have been required by their employers to work from home, while 30% said they have not been required to work from home, and this brings to fore the issues of productivity and performance of the workforce. 50% of respondents claim they are more productive from working from home as against an office environment, while the other 50% feel otherwise. 49% of respondents also prefer to work from home while the remaining 51%, prefer the work environment.

An interesting view from our respondents can be seen in their response to the question on accepting a pay cut while working from home, we see 72% of respondents say No, while 13% say Yes and 15% say maybe.

Having a business continuity plan is one key thig a sustainable organization should have especially during this period and from our survey we discovered that 83% of our respondents say that their organization have a BC Plan, while 17% says they do not have one in place.

We further gauged the impact of this pandemic on the learning behaviour of respondents especially regarding E-learning. This is most imperative especially with students unable to attend schools and people in need of training interventions and when respondents were asked to choose between e-learning and onsite classes and 54% chose regular onsite classes while 46% will go with the e-learning alternative.

These insights provide good information that could help you make informed decisions or even start a new business venture. To know more about our work, do visit

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