Security Operations & Management: During & Post Covid-19

Security Operations & Management: During & Post Covid-19

The nature of the COVID-19 virus and its transmission, has resulted to social distancing and proper hygiene measures which translates to the creation and implementation of new policies and guidelines, that now affect the way business operations and work are being carried out. This has added more responsibilities to the everyday role of security professionals, as they are saddled with the primary objective of protecting the assets of the businesses or entities where they are operating and dealing with the effects of the virus.

To understand the importance of security management we need to understand the meaning of the following terms crucial to this article;

SECURITY OPERATIONS refers to the activities and functions related to the protection of people, tangible and intangible assets. (ISO 18788, clause 3.63 Security Operations). It can also be referred to as practices that are devoted to preventing, detecting, assessing, monitoring and responding to security threats and incidents.

SECURITY MANAGEMENT is the identification of an organizations assets, followed by the development, documentation and implementation of policies and procedures for protecting these assets.

SECURITY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT are the coordinated activities to direct and control an organization with regards to security operations (ISO 18788, clause 3.64 Security Operations). Direction and control with regard to security operations management, generally includes establishment of the policy, planning and objectives directing operational processes and continual improvement.

SECURITY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (ISO 18788) is an ISO standard that provides a business and risk management framework for the effective and professional conduct of security operations, in addition to accountability to law and respect to Human Rights and consistency with voluntary commitments to which subscribes.

With the issues like the following arising from covid-19, social distancing, teleworking, increase in cyber activities, government restrictions, fraud, reduced cash flow and workforce, protection of closed facilities, exposure of security operatives at access points the following Security Measures need to be adopted to ensure our businesses survive this period.

  • Adopt stricter access control procedures
  • Increase Cybersecurity Awareness & Protection
  • Enforce stricter information security protocols
  • Synergize optimally with Safety & Environmental units
  • Prudent management of financial resources
  • Reduce the number of boots-on-ground and adopt cyber surveillance mechanisms
  • Communicate timely, effectively and efficiently to C-Suite executives on security related issues
  • Ensure adequate provision and use of PPEs to security operatives
  • Adhere to government and health COVID-19 protocols as updated


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