Simplifying ISO 45001 Requirements

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Simplifying ISO 45001 Requirements

According to a 2019 report from Premium Times, the Nigerian Federal Government says 2.78 million workers die from occupational accidents and work-related diseases annually, while an additional 347 million suffer from non-fatal occupational globally each year. This is a rather scary figure that needs to be tackled quickly to prevent the figure from growing further.

In tackling this very bothering issue, a major solution would be to ensure every organization in the country complies with the requirements of the ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Data has shown that companies that have the ISO 45001 Standard implemented record lesser Lost Time Injuries compared to companies that have not implemented the standard.

The question now becomes how an organization can draw a connection between the various framework, processes, procedures & controls to meet its own unique needs as an organization, that is, to know how to translate the clauses to fit an organization.

Below are tips to help in translating the requirements of the Standard from Clause 4-10;

  • To meet Clause 4 which is about the context of the organization, you put in place your strategic document showing your determined internal and external issues relevant to your organization’s purpose, determine the Scope of the Management System, and relevant OH & S processes across the department.
  • Clause 5 is all about ensuring Leadership commitment which should be evident in the creation of an OH&S policy and a process for the involvement of workers in the implementation of the management system.
  • Meeting Clause 6 is very crucial as this where you put in place actions and plans to address risks andopportunities, hazard identification and determining relevant OH&S Objectives across all levels.
  • In Clause 7 it is required that you put in place a competency matrix of persons working in the organization and a strong internal and external communication process.
  • In Clause 8 & 9 you are required to place evidence that shows adequate operational planning and a strong procedure for evaluating the performance of the management system.
  • Clause 10 is all about ensuring a continuous improvement of the OH&S management system.

Implementing the ISO 45001 Standard comes with major benefits that would reflect on the financial records of an organization which will certainly help in getting top management commitment. These benefits include:

  • Improves Managerial Oversight
  • Reduces occupational health and safety risk
  • Increases Return on Investment
  • Reduces the chances of regulatory fines
  • Improved working conditions
  • Increases staff loyalty and commitment

Ajibola Olorunnimbe

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