The Big Deal About Your Team

The Big Deal About Your Team

The need to build effective teams cannot be overemphasized especially at a time like this when most organizations are more focused on increasing their client base which in itself is not bad but it is often done at the detriment of their most valued assets- employees! Increasing your customer’s satisfaction is key and should be top priority, however an organization will not consistently achieve this by having a lackluster and disengaged team. Sustainable organizations value Team Building and go all out to ensure cohesion among the team members which makes them effective and result driven.

To lead a team effectively, leaders need to understand the first rule of team building which requires you to first establish your leadership with each team member. This can be achieved by building trust and loyalty with members of your team. You cannot lead people with fear and intimidation and expect the best from them, it wouldn’t work!

A deliberate effort into building a cohesive team should be a priority for any forward thinking organization and this can be achieved in the following ways;

Clearly articulate the Compelling Purpose or Vision of the organization or project and how the team will achieve it. They need to understand how their contribution fits into this big picture and when it is tactically reinforced, you can be sure of a Result Producing Team.

Develop a good relationship with your teammates by getting to know them and learn how to motivate them to go beyond what is expected of them as a great leader understands how to draw out the talent of his team.

Be Deliberate about Building Leaders and not managers! The best way to teach Leadership is through example, so take care to teach your team members clearly and considerately, show them that everyone has something to offer.

Encourage a culture of learning by providing access to professional and personal developmental trainings, because when everyone has access to the tools they need to be successful and move forward in their careers and individual lives, they will be more engaged and will create a stronger work environment.

With these and many more in place, your organization is better shaped to benefit the following;

A highly motivated and creative workforce with a refueled passion to deliver their best.

A loyal workforce with a good sense of ownership and determination to achieve company goals.

Healthy risk based thinking and taking as there is the support of the entire group to fall back on in case of failure or rejoice with during a successful outing. Besides, team brainstorming sessions usually produce revolutionary ideas without hesitation!

The big deal about your team is that they ultimately impact your business in a positive or negative manner and you cannot afford the latter! A great team culture is great for business because happy and focused employees make happy customers — and a happy bottom line!

Succinctly, Your Team Matters a Hundred Percent!!!

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