Tips to Bullet-Proof your Quality Management System

07. November 2018 Uncategorized 0
Tips to Bullet-Proof your Quality Management System

Now that you have put in place that Quality Management System, what next???

How effectively are you delivering on customers’ expectations???

Check out these tips to guide you;

  1. Focus on continuous process improvement: a well-run business is focused on growth and continuous improvement especially on their Processes, as the one-and-done rule does not apply to process improvement. Continuous Process Improvement positively impacts bottom line and ensures consistent delivery of quality services and products. Some examples of process improvement include, training and cross training, regular think tank sessions, time audits on specific job tasks among others.
  2. A Strong commitment to deliver on your promises: Make sure all operational aspects of the organization are working cohesively to deliver the promise of quality. This should include those aspects that are outsourced to external third-party providers. Do they understand what your promise of quality is, and their role in keeping this promise???
  3. Reward Success: There’s a fine line between crushing creativity and reducing critical errors in the production line. Design a system that avoids punishing failure but instead rewards success in boosting output while also keeping a lid on serious issues. Seek a profitable balance and then incent employees to perform at that level, consistently.
  4. Measure team performance: Avoid assigning blame to a single employee when the line/department suffers a setback, rather measure team performance. Use shared destiny to encourage employees to watch each other’s backs while striving for the greatest possible output, and then reward creatively when the team exceeds targets safely.

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