Excellence Happens Here

05. October 2018 Uncategorized 0
Excellence Happens Here

As we join the global community to celebrate the Customer Service Week aptly themed Excellence Happens Here, it is pertinent to understand what it really means to create an atmosphere and experience of Excellence in your organization.

The truth is Customer Service is not a Department but an Attitude and so in ensuring a consistent excellent service delivery, we need a daily personality improvement plan! This simply means giving yourself to personal development which will produce maturity, especially emotional maturity.

Emotional maturity simply means being self-aware of how you feel about yourself and aware of other people’s feelings. It is an expected trait in the workplace, especially when excellence is expected at work. This self-awareness makes you conscious about your feelings and why you feel the way you feel so you can put it under control. This control will prevent some unnecessary demonstration of emotions that can affect the morale of your colleagues and more importantly your customers. Learn to adjust, modulate and direct your emotions because it plays a huge deal in your maturity level and subsequently your attitude to both internal and external customers. Maturity must exist if you want to create an atmosphere of excellence in the workplace because a work place that is filled with people who are mature will ask how things can be done better and put in the effort to make things better which will certainly lead to customer satisfaction.

Asides from having an emotionally intelligent and mature workforce, you have to;

Create a Culture of Quality and implementing an International Standard like ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System will emphasize the importance of this culture. Others include;

  • Consistent communication with your Clients
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Being Transparent
  • Efficient and Quick handling of requests
  • Measuring your Customer Satisfaction
  • Owning up to your mistakes

It is in personal improvement plans like these and more that excellence is being achieved in a workplace and the customers can truly attest to the fact that Excellence Happens Here!

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